Facades of houses of 2016

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The house facades in 2016 will have a similar path to the route during the current year. In summary, it will follow an upward path in terms of specialization, refinement and quality of materials to be used.


In general, aluminum will play a predominant role but we may notice a growth in PVC openings and the already classic epoxy paint.

Facades of houses of 2016

The 2016 , for house façades , will also be marked by the 2-storey facades . These will grow for new homes, but whenever we refer to buildings in urban or semi-urban areas. The closed neighborhoods will allow the construction of houses on a single floor as well as the outskirts of the cities.

facades of 2016

Lighting will continue to play a key role in decorating façades. We refer to the possibility of providing added value to the same with the placement of a few lights in a strategic way.

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