Facades of houses of one level

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As we know that the houses of a level are highly chosen by our readers, we want to continue to share with you all house facades of one level . >

On this occasion what we have is a selection of facade photos of modern and stylish one-floor houses . While these are relatively small constructions, the style and materials used in each of these combinations give us examples of the most charming and surprising.

In this note you will be able to know different fronts of houses of one floor with a marked modern style, and a certain minimalist air, since all these façades are simple, elegant and with clean lines of construction.

 façades de casas de un nivel

 houses of a modern level

 facades of modern one-level houses

 ideas for facades of single-storey houses

 photos of houses of one level

 ideas for façades of one-level houses

 house models of one level

We invite you to tell us which of these facades of modern one-storey houses is the one that you like the most, we would love to hear your opinion about it.

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