Facades of houses with 4-water roofs

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There are many and varied roof styles that we can use in our house, this is how we find models of houses with gable roofs, three waters and even four waters. >

What you will see below are facades of houses with roofs , different models, styles, materials and colors for ceilings of these characteristics.

Houses with gable roofs

Generally the four-story roofs bring a very interesting touch to the exterior of our property, contribute to a sophisticated and modern style, without losing the homey air.

 Facades of houses with roofs to 4 waters

 Facades of single-storey houses with 4-storey roofs

 Façades of simple houses with 4-water roofs

 Façades of large houses with 4-storey roofs

 Front of house with roof of 4 waters

 Colonial-style waterfront houses

 Simple house facade with 4-water roofs

 Facades of houses with 4-metal roofs

 Façades of contemporary houses with 4-water roofs

 Facades of luxurious houses with 4-water roofs

As you may have noticed, we have shared a large number of fronts with four-story roofs, different examples that you can use to find the style, color and material you want to create in your home.

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