Facades of houses with asphalt shingles

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On this occasion we want to share some fa├žades of houses with asphalt tiles , a very noble type of construction material for the completion of sloped roofs.

With a wide variety of colors and shapes of asphalt tiles we can choose the tone that best fits with the facade of the house or with our particular tastes.

Texas asphalt colors

To finish aesthetically and protect the roof of a house is necessary the application of tiles or some other material that allows waterproofing this important portion of the construction and prevent it from being damaged by the passage of time and inclement weather. / P>

Asphalt shingles are very simple to lay, and because of their composition they adapt to very different climates, that is how they withstand rainy climates, hot and humid climates and even dry climates.

Facades of houses with asphalt shingles

Houses with asphalt shingles

 Houses with roof of asphaltic tiles

One of the main qualities of this type of asphalt tiles is its easy installation, in addition to its composition and flexibility, they copied very well the shape of the roof, allowing us to achieve ripples than with other types of rigid tiles It would be impossible to get.

Colors of asphalt shingles

Termination of asphalt shingles

 How to place asphalt shingles on sloping roofs

It is possible to find asphalt shingles of black, green, red, brown, among the most common, in some cases it is also possible to get some custom colors.

We hope you have enjoyed these beautiful fronts of houses with asphalt roof tiles.

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