Facades of houses with ballasts

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Maybe you hear about ballast for facades is not very common, but when you look at these examples of facades of houses with ballasts you will understand very quickly what we are referring to .

House facades with broken stone

We have previously shared a nice compilation of front facade houses , and Which we bring in today is another example to decorate the front gardens.

What you will see below are facades of houses with ballasts, a type of rough broken stone that is often used both in the front gardens and in the inner courtyards.

Perhaps you identify the ballast with railroad tracks, as it is a type of rock commonly used on railroad tracks.

Combined with perennial shrubs and flowering plants, these rustic split stones will add a special touch to your front garden.

Look at some of the examples of ballast facades that we share next.


 Fa├žades of houses with ballasts

Facades with ballasts
Soon we will be placing more options on our website to decorate the facades of houses and their front gardens.

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