Facades of houses with basement

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If you want to achieve a unique home facade with little investment and no large outstanding structures an interesting option to take into account are the houses facades with a P>

Having sockets in different parts of the facade we will be able to highlight certain aspects of it, as well as to divide the different heights of the front of the house, if necessary according to our particular tastes.

One way of highlighting small touches on the facades of houses is to paint the sockets with different shades to the rest of the facade, this will make them stand out without too much contrast.

We invite you to go through this small collection of photos of facades with plinth , since perhaps you will find one or several models that you want to apply on your facade.

Facades with zocalo

 Façades of houses with basement

 Facades of houses with stone base

 Facades of houses with white painted walls

Facades of simple houses with basement

From here we said goodbye, we will soon be giving more examples of façades of houses with skirting boards.

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