Facades of houses with chaguaramos

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Today we want to share our beautiful houses facades with chaguaramos readers.

As we have already said in another opportunity, there are many ways in which we can decorate facades of houses, which is why we want to stop at the facades with chaguaramos .

The chaguaramos are a species of palm native to the Lesser Antilles region and to the north of South America, undoubtedly a large plant that can reach up to 40 m high, and has a great ornamental value .

Walk along with us these beautiful facades of houses with chaguaramos or facades of houses with palm trees to appreciate its beauty and peculiarity.

Facades with chaguaramos

Facades of large houses with chaguaramos

Facades of houses with palm trees

Houses with chaguaramos

Facades with palm trees

Modern house facades with palm trees

 Facades of houses with chaguaramos

Soon we will be sharing more facades of houses with beautiful plants in front, so you can choose which is best suited according to the region in which you live and the climate of your city.

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