Facades of houses with chimneys

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If you enjoy the warmth of the fireplace, or a modern gas fireplace, you will want to know some examples of chimney façades .

We can find all kinds of designs of houses with fireplaces , since there are old style and also cutting modern and avant-garde.

We therefore dedicate this note to sharing photos of houses with fireplaces , something that will certainly bring great warmth to our home.

If you are thinking of building a fireplace or a fireplace in your home, it would be interesting to visit this catalog of images of houses with a fireplace for some examples of how to highlight it on the outside.

casas con chimenea

 houses with stone covered fireplaces

 Houses with fireplaces and wood stoves


 facades of colonial houses with fireplace

 facades of houses with fireplace

 facades of two-story houses with fireplace

facades of large houses with chimney

 facades of modern houses with fireplace
Come and tell us which of these examples you liked, we are always interested to know your opinion about the façades of houses we share on our website.

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