Facades of houses with front of 6 meters

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Much of the final decoration of a facade will depend on the style and dimensions of the building, since it is a canvas on which we will capture the final details. That is why many can find themselves in search of models of facades of houses with 6 meters of front , since this is a size of front that many houses own.


6-meter house facades

This is why today we will focus on sharing photos of facades of homes 6 meters in front , so that all who own this size of land find inspiring examples for perhaps Apply them in your home.

We all know that the smaller the number of meters in front of a narrower house will be the same, so we will have to distribute the environments in the best possible way, to take full advantage of the dimensions of the terrain.



On narrow facades, such as those we show today we will usually see that they do not have a garage, since a garage door consumes at least half the front, although it could be taken into account in case of being necessary for the family , Leaving the remaining front for the main income.

Most of these 6-meter-front houses have two windows and a main door, this is because in these designs the interior is divided into two or three sectors, and These openings correspond to those environments, which can be: bedrooms, offices, linving, dining room, kitchen, etc.


In this way we conclude the note of the day, we hope you have found interesting examples of houses of one and two floors with 6 meters of front.

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