Facades of houses with galvateja

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Here you can see some images of houses facades with galvateja , an interesting product to give a very nice and light finish to our ceilings.

On the market there are a lot of tiles that pretend to be tiles , they look very much like traditional terracotta tiles, but in reality they are die-cut tiles that look elegant and feature With the benefit of being very durable.

Ceilings with galvateja

Shingles roof tiles are currently used not only in homes, but also in shopping malls, hotels, churches and factories.

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 Roofs of houses with galvateja

Advantages of galvateja

Galleries with galvateja

Roofs with similar tiles

 Fa├žades of houses with galvateja

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Among the advantages of galvateja we can not fail to mention its excellent finish, durability and easy installation.

With this type of material it is possible to make gable roofs, ceilings and even ceilings.

It is also widely used for roofing quinches, galleries, garages, bowers and for eaves, as it is a light material and easy to place, as it is easily fixed with suitable screws.

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