Facades of houses with garden opposite

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If the land on which you plan to build your house has generous measures you may be thinking of seeing facades of houses with garden in front , and this is what we are going to share next. >

When you go through this catalog of fronts of houses with front garden you may find inspiration to build your own, giving you a natural green touch in front of your home.

You will notice that there are very different combinations that you can play on the front of your house, everything will depend on your tastes, the amount of available space and the budget you have.

Houses with front garden

One of the most chosen options is the combination of lawns with stone paths, ceramics, bricks or any other weather-resistant material that allows us easy access to our house.

With this base we can then combine flowers, rose plants, shrubs and even large trees if the terrain allows.

Houses With garden facing

 Facades of houses with garden

Facades of houses with topiary

 Facades of houses with rose garden

 Fronts of houses with garden with flowers

 Fronts of houses with front garden

Facades of modern houses with garden

Facade With natural green

If, on the other hand, space is scarce, you can use pots with the plants that you prefer, without giving up the natural green on the façade of your home.

Facades of houses with pots

Front Modern with garden

 Contemporary house facade with front garden
We hope you’ve enjoyed these examples of front gardens for single story and two story homes. Very soon we will be sharing new solutions and ideas for you to take into account.

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