Facades of houses with grafiado

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Here you will see different examples of homes with graffiti . In the last time the graphite has become one of the most used façade finishes.

Maybe you’re wondering what is the spelling ? The graphite consists of a rustic plaster that through a particular aesthetic allows to obtain a rough finish, but very attractive and modern.

Types of graphs

There are a number of types of wall graphics , not only exterior but also interior. Some of the most well-known types of spellings are rain, snail, spiked straight and cookie. There is also a wide variety of graphite colors.

Colors of graphs

Types of graphs for walls

 Types of spellings
The graphite is also an excellent option for quinchos, since its rustic finish combines in an ideal way with this type of environments.

The graphite is also suitable for facade repairs and remodeling fronts of houses, as it allows to dissolve imperfections, differences in levels in the walls and thus to unify the exterior appearance of the house.

 Façades of houses with graffiti


 Fronts of houses with grafiado
Dare to try the graffiti on the exterior walls of your home.

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