Facades of houses with majolicas

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As you will have seen on our website, there are many materials to coat the facades of houses , this time we will focus on majolicas .

With this note we want to make available to our readers houses facades with majolicas , an interesting option to cover both floors and walls.

Facades with majolicas

If you decide to use mayolics on facades you should consider a number of basic questions to choose the appropriate one according to the use you plan to give it.


 How to place majolicas on facades

 Ceramic fa├žades for facades

 Mayolicas for facades

There are majolica hard finishes in the market such as marble, ceramics, terracotta, slate or stone; And majolica soft finishes such as cork or vinyl. If you think about applying them to the exterior of your house you should opt for hard finish majolicas as they will be much more resistant.


When choosing majolica you should consider the use they will have, since not all of them are strong enough to withstand traffic, or some of them are not suitable for being placed in bathrooms or kitchens.

 Facades of houses with majolicas

As for the placement you should know that mayolics require a smooth and level surface on which they will be attached.

Dare to put majolicas on the facades, as you will achieve a unique style with its finish, shapes and colors.

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