Facades of houses with porticos

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Distinguished and beautiful facades of houses with porches is what we will dedicate to show you through this note today.

Modern house facades with porticos

The portals of fa├žade access bring style, distinction and charm to any front, especially if it involves two-storey buildings. But that is not all, do not forget that the entrance porches of houses play a very important function, they guard the main entrance, something that is especially appreciated when it rains and we do not want to get wet while we find the Keys in the bag to open the front door of our home to lodge in it.

There are many types of porches for facades, there are dry construction from materials such as iron, glass, wood, tiles and veneers; Or traditional ones built using traditional techniques with materials such as cement, bricks and so on.

Facades of houses with porticos

Houses with porticos

Modern porticos

Porticos Of accesses facades  Photos of houses with entrance portico

Facades of modern houses with porticos

 Porticos of entrances of houses

 Porticos de entrada


A characteristic of the entrance porches is that they are attached to the rest of the house, usually have columns and their roof can be straight, two or three waters.

We hope you enjoyed this compiled image of houses with porticos.

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