Facades of houses with pots

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We have already expressed it before, but we want to reaffirm the idea once again. We can all have a cozy facade with lots of green beyond the front space that counts our house.

For this reason, we seek today to share with our readers these facades of houses with pots , a way to get a green space on the front without needing a wide expanse of land in The front.

Potted houses

We can use small pots or large pots, there is now a large supply of pots for plants that can surprise us with their shapes and styles. One of the pots that I like for fronts of houses are the pots type glass, as they are very decorative.

 Facades of houses with pots

 How to decorate a house with pots

Fronts of houses with pots

Facades of rustic houses with pots

Facades of beautiful houses with pots

 Facades of houses with pots in windows

 Facades of houses with hanging pots

 Facades of houses with flower pots

Potted houses on the facade

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We can opt for concrete pots with geometric shapes that will undoubtedly bring a very modern style, or we can also lean towards terracotta pots or large jars that are often used to frame the main entrances.

Just go through the supply of pots and find the one you like most to decorate the facade of your house, you will only have to place the plant that you like best in it.

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