Facades of houses with quarry moldings

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If you liked our façades of houses with walls of quarry , You will probably enjoy these house facades with quarry moldings .

What can be more beautiful to give a romantic, imperial and sophisticated touch to your home than to apply beautiful quarry moldings.

It is possible to find moldings of quarries for windows and also moldings of quarries for doors and even cornices. You can combine these moldings of natural stone with beautiful quarry columns, thus achieving a dream double.

Quarry frames for facades

Admire these examples of houses with quarry moldings .

Houses with quarry moldings

 Façades of houses with quarry moldings

 Facades with quarry moldings

Pretty Quarry frames

 Quarry frames for facades

 Quarry Moldings for Windows
We hope you enjoyed this small catalog of images of houses with moldings of natural stone in different sectors of the facade.

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