Facades of houses with roofs

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Examples of four-story house facades is what we have to share with you on this occasion.

There are different ways to build a roof for a house, the most conventional are without doubt the gabled roofs or the straight roofs, but when we have the possibility of adding an extra touch to the exterior finish of our house Falling roofs have a particular appeal that makes them lovely.

As you can see in the photos of houses with roofs that we share then this type of roof can be used both in properties of two or three floors as in houses of a plant, and Which adapts perfectly to the different styles of construction.

 Facades of single-storey houses with four-sided roofs

 Facades of two-story houses with four-story ceilings

 Facades of houses with four-sided roofs

From here we say goodbye after showing you just some of the many models of roofs that can build.

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