Facades of houses with round balconies

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Often our readers consult us on two-storey house balconies , so today we are happy to share with you this house facade design with balcony Round .

On this occasion we have two different models, not only of balconies but also of the whole fa├žade in general, examples that we can compare and choose between them that we consider more functional to our design and aesthetically pleasing.

In the first case the balcony with a circular shape is located on the main entrance, so it also functions as an entrance porch, the round columns being the distinctive element of this design, which are present not only on the top floor But also at the top level.


The second house model with round balcony presents a more classic style according to the overall finish of the house. The wide roofs with skylights and wrought iron bars form a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing whole.


The blacksmith used in the balcony follows the same aesthetic line with the bars placed in the perimeter of the property.

This concludes our tour of these two models of two-story houses with round balconies.

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