Facades of houses with slats

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The facades of houses with laminas are increasingly fashionable, although their use began some decades ago is not until now that they have been standardized. Also, people still have some reservations about its use and doubts about the implementation.

Facades of Houses with Blades

It is very interesting to see how different materials are looked for and applied to laminas for facades. It is thus that we come to the conclusion that we will always try to shape them and put them as coatings on different fronts .

houses with laminas

Reed facades

When all these types of facades appear, the architects have the possibility of giving greater and better alternatives to the users. These are ultimately those who will have the last word to be the owners of the property.

laminas On the facades

The sheets impregnate the facades, and also the facades, with a touch of good taste and distinction for the house.

Types of sheets for fronts

It is also very common to find other fronts of modern type using the already known Corten steel on the fa├žades.

 how are the sheets for linings

So we ended up seeing these images of facades of houses with pictures, we said goodbye hoping it was useful.

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