Facades of houses with sloping ceilings

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Today we bring interesting examples of facades of houses with sloping roofs , it is very common to find such roofs in climates where it snows.

The particularity of the sloping roofs is that they allow the snow to be easily discharged, avoiding unnecessary weight on the roof structure.

Facades with sloping ceilings

These are some images of facades with sloping roofs , although it is true that we are accustomed to houses with flat roofs or gable roofs, sloping roofs are an increasingly used option.

Among the different types of sloped roofs for houses are those made of iron and zinc sheet structures, but the cement slab with a notorious inclination towards one side is also widely used.

Walk through this small sample of houses with sloping roofs, you will surely find some nice ideas to put into practice.

 Facades of houses with sloping roofs

 Modern house facades with sloping roofs

 Façades of simple houses with sloping ceilings

Facades With sloping roofs

 Facades of beautiful houses with sloping roofs

Houses with sloping roofs

 Minimalist house facades with sloping ceilings

 Modern houses with sloping roofs

 Facades of economical houses with sloped roofs

 Façades of wooden houses with sloping roofs

 Facades of two-story houses with sloping roofs
We hope you enjoyed these nice modern houses with sloping ceilings or sloping ceilings.

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