Facades of houses with steps

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We have previously shared a small catalog of facades of houses with stairs in front , on the day of Today what we are going to bring to all our readers are facades of houses with stairs .

 Facades of modern houses with stairs

When the level of our property is a little higher than the sidewalk or the level of the street, it is necessary to use stairs in the facade , since they will allow us a comfortable and simple entrance to our home .

Steps in the facade

If we are faced with the need to place steps on the front of our house we must know that there is a wide range of materials to coat them, most commonly used marble, it adds a very distinctive touch to our fa├žade. But we must not forget that marble is a smooth and slippery surface, much worse when it gets wet, so we must take this into account when deciding what kind of material to use on facades with steps, as it will always be much safer Use a rough material that prevents us from slipping when treading.

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