Facades of houses with stucco

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As you may have noticed in our huge catalog of house facades there are many different materials that we can use to coat the exterior of our property. On this occasion, what we want to show are examples of facades of houses with stucco , a very pleasant material to be seen and with a very particular ending.

Facades with stucco

The stucco consists of a small-grained paste composed of slaked lime, powdered marble, natural pigments, gypsum and other elements that add hardness to the mixture.

Stucco is often used more indoors, but there are new mixtures available on the market that can be used outdoors.

We invite you to tour these samples of houses with stucco , as each one has a particularly different and interesting ending.

Facades of houses with stucco

Facades of modern houses with stucco

Facades of Colonial Houses with Stucco

 Facades of houses with 2 floors with stucco

Facades with stucco

Houses with stucco

We hope you have discovered these facades with stucco.

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