Facades of houses with uneven ceilings

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We find ourselves this time to see façades of houses with uneven roofs and they are, at the same time, very beautiful. Do not miss them, there are only two but they are specially selected because they have very different styles, although always maintaining the slope of the roofs .

 Façades of houses with uneven ceilings

The façades generally allow us to see the top of the houses, this will be only if they have unevenness in these areas.

Façades with uneven ceilings

Finishing a roof is not as simple as it seems and is one of the most expensive parts of the home. It is also the most difficult to elaborate. Here are some tips that let us know more about this difficulty.

 Houses with sloping roofs

The slope should be the minimum and indicated, in the worst case it is considered 1 centimeter fall every 1 meter. Generally, and to be more cautious, the architects try to make 2 centimeters fall every 1 meter.

Waterproofing is another matter to solve correctly since no one wants to have leaks or humidity spots in your home.

In this way we end up with the façades of houses with uneven roofs that we have for you.

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