Facades of houses with vines

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If you like vines this note about house facades with vines is ideal for you, as we will share some tips to choose facade vines .

There is a wide variety of climbing plants that we can use to beautify the exterior of our home.

Among the best known we can not fail to mention the lovers of the wall, stones and bells.

 House facades with vines

 Facades of houses with vines on their walls

Although we can also opt for other species such as the lady of the night, the passion, ficus tapizante, glycine, bougainvillea, honeysuckle or climbing roses.

 Facades of houses with holy rita

 House facades with vines and jasmine

House facades with red vines

 Facades of houses with climbing roses
Browse this small catalog of images with facades of houses with vines in front, perhaps between them you find the species you want for your home.

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