Facades of houses with zaguan

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In this note we will share images of façades of houses with hallway , nice examples for you to know this particular model of building façades.

Undoubtedly the zaguanes are typical of the old buildings, but modernity has not completely ignored them, as it is possible to find modern house fronts with a hallway . >

If you walk along with us this beautiful compilation of facades with zaguanes you will discover the attractiveness of these construction models.

Here we compile just a few of the many examples of houses fronts with zaguanes that you can find on the web, there are many styles of houses with zaguanes that we can find, and this small compilation of images just shows some of them.

Facades of houses with zaguan

 Facades of houses with zaguanes

Facades with zaguan

Facades with zaguanes

Houses with zaguanes
We hope you have enjoyed these façades of houses with a hallway, soon we will be sharing more examples for all those who have been attracted by these characteristics present in the façades of houses.

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