Facades of houses

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Many people are working on house facades . This is a trend that has been increasing throughout history, this is how we can distinguish different types of designs according to the time and place where they were built.

Facades of houses

This speaks very well of us as a society as it is an artistic aspect applied to a purely technical environment such as housing construction.

The facade is not just a part of the house, it is about the identity that will have this face to society. When we see the appearance and design that is delivered to a home, it is the facade in which he begins to tell us the history of his interior.

Our intention is to go through different house façades and give you the best designs that can be found today. This is not an easy task and it will require our energies to the maximum in order to find and present what we intend to show you.

fronts of houses

That’s how we’ll navigate through different styles like the one we have on this occasion. This is a completely modern termination and where each area may not be symmetrical with the other but are still perfectly balanced.

Since the facades of houses come to complement a very important part of the houses exposed we can say that they allow us to have a very faithful idea of ​​what we will find of later form in the interior. P>

In fact, it is the new concepts of home facades that mark the trend towards where our society is going. These provide a clear idea of ​​what awaits us on the street in the coming years and decades.


They are, in other words, the designs that will provide housing solutions in the future; This will be noticed even more in the big cities.

We invite you to visit these houses facades with the sole aim of enjoying them, feel how in your own home, go ahead!

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