Facades of modern 4-story buildings

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For those who visit our website often will be accustomed to our façades of houses of different styles, but we want to vary our catalog of facades for this reason we will dedicate to share with you facades of buildings of Four modern floors .

These examples of 4-storey facades could be used for office buildings, apartment buildings and also for a modern small urban hotel with a clear modern style.

As you can see we have three models of facades of modern building of 4 floors , each of them presents certain variants offering different options for the same construction.

 Facades of modern four-story buildings

 Facades of buildings of 4 floors

 Facades of modern 4-storey buildings
What will be maintained in the three models of these façades for four-story buildings plus terrace is the glazed surface of the first two floors (in one of its corners), as this is a particular feature of this construction.

We hope you found this example of a modern facade for a 4-story building with curved details on the terrace interesting and attractive.

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