Facades of modern colonial houses

If you like the colonial style but not so much the old-fashioned look, you might find these modern colonial house facades interesting. It is an adaptation of the traditional colonial style to achieve modern and very attractive constructions.

As we mentioned earlier one of the main features of colonial-style houses is its colonial tiles, this building material used in roofs is still maintained in the modern style.

Modern Colonial Houses

Aggiornarse is very important, but it does not mean giving up those styles that we like. This is how combining materials with great tradition with more modern ones we can obtain a facade with much charm and colonial air.

We can combine the colonial style with modern openings and subtle grilles that allow us to obtain a colonial façade but with that modern touch so pleasant.

You will find in this note different models of modern houses with colonial style .


Modernized colonial houses

Houses with colonial air

We hope once again you have enjoyed these photos of modern colonial homes.