Facades of modern houses in gray tones

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If you still do not decide what color you want to paint the front of your house, why not take a look at these modern houses in gray tones .

The gray color is a neutral tone, which allows multiple combinations, while allowing a modern and sophisticated exterior without losing vitality.

Modern facades in gray tones

A good point about the gray tones for house façades is their durability, being a “suffered” color, will help hide the natural wear of the façade, something that does not happen Colors such as white, which require more frequent maintenance.

Facades in gray tones

You can combine the gray color palette ranging from more saturated colors to more delicate tones. You can also play with different textures and different materials.

 Facades of modern houses in gray tones

You should not assume that when you paint the gray facade it will be dull and with little life, on the other hand you can bring a lot of dynamism by mixing materials such as natural stone, slabs, And metal among many others.

 Fronts of modern houses in gray tones

Another way to bring freshness and vitality to a gray home front is to install the right lighting, something that is very fashionable are two-way outdoor lamps, they will bring a lot of modernity to the exterior of your home.

Dare to play with the greyish tones on the outside and create your own combination!

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