Facades of modern houses

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To show the most beautiful and interesting facades of houses is what we will dedicate this website, a practical way of comparing styles, finishes, colors and materials used in fronts of houses. >

It is thanks to the creativity of owners, architects and builders that we can find the most diverse range of modern house facades.

If you have a particular style in mind you can browse our front page of houses looking for that which interests you, otherwise you can freely navigate between the different notes leaving you captivated by the different designs we share here.

Façades for houses

You will surely be surprised by the combination of materials in the beautiful façades that we share below, it is a selection of modern facade photos where the combination of natural stones with fine cement plasters And four-story ceilings.

Also featured in this group of images of houses facades are the presence of balconies, terraces and large windows that extend on both levels of the property. These combined elements are what will provide us with a modern style and stripped.

Facades of houses


 Facades for houses with two floors and double garage

 Façades of houses with passing garage

 Facades of houses with stones in gray tones

 Facades for houses with balcony

We hope these facades of houses have been to your liking, do not hesitate to share your opinion, we are interested to know which one you liked the most.

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