Facades of modern rustic houses

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We really like the rustic style, but we still like the facades of modern rustic houses . If we observe, we can notice that it is not necessary to give up the rustic style if we also want a modern style, these two characteristics can be perfectly combined and give back a rustic but modern facade

On the market there are more and more offers of very interesting building materials, which will allow us to highlight those features of the exterior of our house that we are most interested in highlighting.

Rustic houses but with modern style

As you can see below, these are just some of the many examples of rustic houses with modern air that you can find on our website. We focus today on beautiful two-story houses with modern rustic finishes.

Facades of modern rustic houses

 Facades of rustic and modern houses

 Facades of modern two-storey rustic houses

 Fronts of modern rustic houses
All these examples incorporate natural stone in at least one sector of the facade, either to highlight the entrance, to cover a portion of the facade or to build a driveway. The stone is an indispensable element if we look for an exterior with rustic style.

Come and build a rustic facade with modern and avant-garde style.

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