Facades of modern white houses

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Opting for white painting the facade of our house can be a very interesting option if we have not yet decided the final color palette we want to use. >

Being a neutral color and easy to cover we will always be in time to add color to the facade if we decide to change it.

In this note you will find different photos of white modern house facades that you may find interesting to find examples and ideas on how to paint the front of your house using white.

You will notice when you start to walk through this collection of white houses fronts that it is possible to make different combinations, not only in the white tones to be used, but also by combining different materials and textures.

White house facades

 How to paint a white facade

 Simple white house facade

 Modern façade in white and ivory tones

 Single house front with white and wood

Fronts of houses in white tones

Modern fronts painted with white

 Facades of white houses
By combining white walls with openings of color we can break the monotony of the facade, at the same time that we bring a touch of vitality and personal style.

One of the materials that best matches the white tones is aluminum and wood, both materials are mainly chosen in openings for façades of modern houses.

We hope you have enjoyed this section of fronts of houses painted in light tones and you could find the example you want to apply in yours.

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