Facades of rustic houses

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The facades of rustic houses convey to those who see them an idea of ​​antiquity with the feeling of being very cozy. The cabins have this style and allow us to have exactly that feeling.

facades of

Here we will see what we consider a facade of rustic house par excellence. It is also a dream home with such a number of different cuts that it is not easy to count them all.

Facades Of rustic houses

To your liking we have images from different sides making you appreciate this and other façades of houses as well as possible.

counterframe Of rustic house

Rustic houses

rustic houses

In the general view of the facade we find everything it has to offer. Not only was an entrance with porch totally delicate and careful in all the details, but also added a double income for garage. We are then able to say that it is a facade of house with double garage.

rustica houses front

We also see how it has been decided to cut with the stone in certain recesses to give way to the wood, in the North American style so traditional. What do you think of that touch of wood?

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