Facades of simple and beautiful houses

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We have to present on this occasion a series of façades of simple and beautiful houses. These are designs that tend to the minimalist without leaving aside some beauty that can be brought to the front of a house.

They are a total of three, and together represent what the title indicates. We have on the one hand a house where the plaster of cement and lime is the traditional one to this one has been added a series of openings in gray with the floor of tiles in the same tone.

 Facades of simple and beautiful houses

Then we move to a house that is on the same line. The openings are, in this case, the same color as the outer plaster although here it has been decided to place a liner in wood to tint the rest a little.


Finally we go to a house that has a greater amount of gray in its facade. This seems to be more elaborate although, if we see it well, it does not have great differences in materials with respect to the first two. The plants play a fundamental role in providing a touch of life to the image presented.

 Facades of beautiful simple houses

With these words we have finished to see the façades of simple and beautiful houses that we wanted to take to you in this article.

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