Facades of single-storey houses

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We have previously shared simple double-storey house facades , but as always we can bring more interesting ideas to houses of this style, is that today we are dedicated to share with you these > Simple facades for two-storey houses .

In reality it is a single construction with variants in its exterior finish, a clear example of the diversity of styles that we can confer to our fa├žade according to the materials we choose to coat it.

What will be present in the 4 examples are the structural aspects of the construction: gable roofs, balconies, front gallery and the layout of the openings.

Now we invite you to discover the details of these different models of facades for houses with 2 simple floors .

 House facade of 200 square meters

 Facades of houses with two simple and beautiful floors

 Facades of single-storey houses

 Facades of houses with 2 simple floors
What did you think? Did you like these photos of houses with 2 simple floors? Do not hesitate to share your comments, we are anxious to know what was your favorite.

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