Facades of skylight houses

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roof openings can bring a lot of warmth and illumination into any home, so today we will focus on houses with skylights . >
The windows in roofs are known by different names according to their particular features and characteristics, so we can find skylights, skylights, solar tunnels and roof windows with openings of different styles.

Façades of houses with skylight

 Facades of houses with solar tunnels

 Facades of modern houses with skylight

On the top of the roof, more precisely on the roofs, the lighting coming from these types of windows in the roofs creates a very special warmth inside the house, which we can not achieve with the traditional openings placed on the roofs. Walls or exterior walls. That is why many are inclined by this type of windows placed on the roofs.

Façades of houses with skylight

Photos of houses with skylight

Fronts of houses with skylight

 Facades of houses with windows in the ceiling

 Facades of houses with windows on roofs

At the time of opting for the application of these types of windows many wonder how tight are, in this regard it should be clarified that they are specially designed to be placed in this sector of housing, so that special care Their resistance, and they are provided an adequate closure looking to insulate the heat and water from the rains in the best possible way.

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