Facades of straight houses

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The architecture of modern houses can be defined through a series of basic elements used in current architectural designs. Today we are pleased to share with you facades of houses with straight lines , a termination very much in vogue in recent years.

Straight line house facades

Using a simple architectural design, with straight lines, light exteriors and large windows or glass surfaces, the general aesthetic of any of these modern homes is totally charming and attractive to the naked eye.

Leaving behind rounded edges, and combining many styles from different epochs, we achieved facades of modern houses with straight lines very interesting as the ones we next share.


 modern-house-fronts-with-straight lines


fronts -line-straight lines



As you have noticed, straight lines are respected even on ceilings, all of which are straight and linear.
The fact that the straight lines on the exterior of these houses are predominant does not imply that they are not built in a staggered way, adding dimension and depth to the façade, while taking full advantage of natural light to achieve an interior Bright and comfortable.

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