Facades of two-story houses

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Undoubtedly the double-storey house facades have an intrinsic beauty that many single-level homes will never have.

If you do not dislike the idea of ​​having to go up and down stairs every day, you may want to consider constructing a two-story house.
Beautiful and modern 2 storey houses

Responding to those interested in beautiful, modern two-story homes is that we are working to create this compiled two-tiered home image.

Without being mansions, these two-storey houses have beautiful exterior finishes.

 Facades of two story houses

 Facades of beautiful two-story houses

 Facades of modern two-storey houses

 Facades of two-story houses with stairs on the outside

 Facades of single-storey houses

 Facades of two-storey houses with 4-storey roof

 Facades of two-story houses

As you may have noticed, all of these fronts of 2-storey houses have a front garden some larger, some smaller, but they certainly bring a touch of valuable freshness between so much arid material.

Most of these examples of two-story houses have natural stone fixtures in some of their facades.

We hope you have enjoyed these photos of two-story houses very nice, modern and cozy.

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