Facades of two-story residential houses

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Ideas and models of facades of two-storey residential houses is what we propose to share through this note today, for all those who like this style of modern double height construction .

Two-story residential homes can offer a wide variety of amenities that most likely in single-storey buildings will not be able to get, so many are interested in these two- P>



Within the residential architecture we can appreciate a wide range of shapes, styles, volumes, colors, materials and other elements that combine to give character to these beautiful modern and motivating family homes.

The innate beauty of this type of double-height residential house is undeniable, in many cases it responds to the personal tastes of each of its owners, as it is undoubtedly the result of A dream come true.

Without further ado we invite you to know and appreciate each one of the characteristics of these modern residential homes.




What do you think about the designs shared today? Would you like to know more models of residential fa├žades?

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