Facades of village houses

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In general, the houses of village houses attract a lot of attention. These have a very particular style that can only be found in small villages or old urban areas.

The facade that we will see in this opportunity seeks to keep that spine
Itu, without this meaning to fall into false styles or to err on what we intend to show.

Façades of townhouses

We must bear in mind that these are usually old constructions that have been partially remodeled and preserved in the original spirit.

 Façades of houses in the villages

In many cases we will see that the façades of town houses have stone coverings or are entirely raised in this masonry material. It also resorts to different rustic styles, typical of the times in which they were built.


We hope that these façades of town houses can be used by you to observe the ones here in this article, you can also visit the rest of the facades that we present in our catalog.

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