Facades with arches

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On this occasion we will share facades with arches , a decorative and structural element that stands out for its innate beauty.

You will soon realize that it is possible to build houses fronts with arches not only rounded at the top but also straight. Even a combination of different types of arches for facades will allow you to build a front with a unique charm.

Facades of houses with arcades

The arcades on the facades recall the old buildings, where the galleries were an inevitable decorative element.


Facades with arches and galleries

Facades of houses with arches

 Facades of houses with arcades

Fronts of houses with arcades  Facades with colonial arches

 Two-storey facades with arches

Arcs are usually held on columns, which can be square or round, or combine the two shapes together.

Without doubt the arches provide a very special and particular termination to the fa├žades of houses, combined with gabled roofs and colonial style finishes we will get a unique facade.

We hope you enjoyed these images of houses with arches and galleries of different styles, sizes and materials.

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