Facades with corner windows

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Many of us appreciate the large openings in modern buildings, and one example of this is undoubtedly the facades with corner windows .

On this occasion we have different corner window models for modern facades , as they will soon discover examples of windows for single-storey houses and also large glazed spaces for 2-storey buildings. >

From two-level constructions, a large window is usually used, which extends from the upper floor to the top floor; it is common to find them facing stairs or as part of an open environment, since it provides a very panoramic view. Peculiar.

Curtain wall for houses

 Facades with corner windows

Although this does not imply that these windows in corners have been used for single-storey houses as in the example we share below.

 corner window models for modern facades

This type of openings is also commonly known as the curtain wall for houses , although its denomination varies according to the builder and even according to the city in which we find ourselves. P>

We hope you have found interesting examples of houses with large windows in corners.

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