Facades with double garage

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When thinking about a modern home we may also be considering the possibility of building a double garage in our home. That is why today we want to share this nice compilation of facade images of houses with double garage .

Most of these examples of facades have a double garage on the front of the house and almost all of them share the characteristic of being semi-open, since they are not closed to one hundred percent.

Fa├žades of houses with double garage

This style of semi-open carport is very popular today, as it allows to maintain a certain minimalist style on the facade of our property.

We invite you to explore in detail these different examples of double garage houses , hoping to find some interesting tips to put into practice.

Facades of houses with double garage

Facades with double garage

Modern facades with double garage

 Facades of modern houses with double garage

 Facades of two floors with double garage

Houses With double garage

Photos of facades with double garage

 Two story house with double garage

Soon we will be sharing more examples of fronts of houses with double garages.

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