Facades with glass balcony

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An increasingly common feature is glass facades . It was made one, or several, and varying significantly the size of the same glass is used in these cases with a dual purpose.

If you achieve a really modern look and pleasing to the eye. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it is possible to rely quite a lot on the capacity of subjection of certain types of glass.

 modern facade with glass on the glass balcony

These will need to be correctly augured using small columns of concrete, metal or with a silicone fixation of the entire glass structure.

Facades with modern balconies

In all these cases we have a characteristic that unites them beyond the use of glass or crystal as the main material. We refer to the fact that they are facades with modern balconies, the use of the elements named above so define them.
Facades with modern balconies

In general, those who intend to make a balcony with glass should have certain precautions. The first and main may be the use of tempered glass as a security measure. This type of glass, in case of breakage, is torn into small pieces and does not generate a large plate (or several) that can fall with the effect that this would have.

Facades with glass balcony

Facades with glass balconies

Finally, and let’s say goodbye, let’s say that the cost of this type of balconies is quite high and that is why in some homes is rather small.

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