Facades with logs

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Materials to build facades are diverse and there is a wide range from which we can choose according to the style of construction we want to carry out, our budget and of course our personal tastes. P>

Façades of houses with logs

Since the variety of facade claddings is so wide, it is not surprising that

facades with logs have been built, since wood is often an element Very accessible and sometimes very abundant, so it is used to cover facades and even to build structures of houses.

For this reason, we have compiled for you a series of rustic house facades with trunks , so that they know some of the many houses with tree trunks that have been built around the world , Since perhaps they can take interesting ideas of them.

Façades with trunks

facades of modern houses with logs

 Facades of two-story houses with trunks

Houses with tree trunks

 facades of mountain houses with logs

facades of rustic houses with logs
We hope you enjoyed these photos of houses made with wood logs.

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