Facades with stone veneers

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We know that natural and artificial stones are one of the most used coatings in the facades of houses in the last time, their durability, distinguished aesthetic and variety of tones and textures makes them a very employed option. For this reason today we will dedicate ourselves to share these photos of facades with stone veneers , so that they know some of the materials present in the market.

Facades of houses with stone veneers

 Images of facades of houses decorated with stones

Getting a lovely facade with stone veneers a natural or simile stone will not be complicated, since it is an easy to place cladding and will not require maintenance for long periods, since Without a doubt the greatest advantage of this type of exterior cladding for facades is its resistance and durability to the inclemencies of the weather.

Houses with stone veneers

Facades of houses with decorative stone

You will have noticed that there are many stone tones that we can use, when choosing them, our tastes, our budget and the way in which the chosen land will combine with the rest of the construction will prevail.

Facades with stone veneers

 Facades of houses with stone veneers

The most used tones for facade stone veneers include the range of beige, ivory, and chocolate tones. Once again we remember that it is not necessary to cover the entire facade with natural stones, we can choose those sectors that we want to highlight on the exterior of our home and combine it with other finishes such as fine plaster, wood or even glass.

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