Facades with sunshades

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Today we are dedicated to facades with parasols , a very efficient element to improve the internal temperature of any building, as well as regulate the light entering it.

Nowadays it is more and more common to find modern facades with sunshades , this is due to the important use of glass in facades , so it becomes necessary Placing these elements to improve energy management in construction.

Currently there are a wide range of sunshades, vertical, horizontal, metallic, wood and other elements that allow us to protect the facade from the direct incidence of sun rays.

Due to the presence of large glazed surfaces, the sunshades are a fundamental element, they save energy taking care of the aesthetics of the facade.

We invite you to visit this small catalog of facades with sunshades , so you know some of the examples that the market offers these days.

 Photos of Facades with parasols

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Facades with wooden umbrellas

 Images of Facades with parasols

Facades with metal parasols

Facades With modern parasols

Facades with vertical and horizontal sunshades

Facades With horizontal sunshades

Tomorrow we will be sharing fa├žades of houses with parasols, do not miss the note!

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