Facades with walls

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Wall facades are a choice between those who want your home with a secure front and give the family privacy, looking to provide nice examples to keep in mind is that we will share these < Strong> facades with modern walls .

Wall facades with gates

We will share eight façade models with walls , this type of façade is undoubtedly one of the safest, since it completely separates the public thoroughfare from the interior of the property. P>

There are different types of walls for facades, they can form part of the building itself or be completely separated from the house itself, giving rise to a front garden behind it.

Facades walls

 Modern facades with high walls

Muros Modern for facades

Facades With high walls  Facades with Walls and gates of gates

 Fronts of houses with walls

Wall facades with gates

 Facades with walls and gates

Each home has its own particular flavor, in the case of homes with walls, the sense of security they transmit seems to be its most remarkable feature. These models have some smoothed cement walls, other concrete coated in different materials such as natural stones and porcelain tiles, and other walls combined with gates and fences.

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