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Facades are a fundamental part of a home. When we talk about house facades we are naming one of the most important sectors that have these.


So, as we will find facades of different styles, it is now very difficult to name all the types that exist, nevertheless we are going to make an approximation in order that you have a slight idea.

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The facades can be modern, Mediterranean, classic, colonial, avant-garde, old, houses, apartments, buildings, villas, strange, minimalist, rustic, spacious, small, among many other classes. >

In this way, there are not many ways to group all styles in a single facade, so a catalog like the one we are currently proposing is necessary. In certain occasions we will see facades that manage to combine 2 or even 3 styles, these with special cases that we will study at the moment.

So we ended this editorial on the facades inviting you to continue reading us to know everything about it and learn from us.

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