Floating facades

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In this note you can find photos of floating facades , which are composed of a set of prefabricated elements, which are held on the surface of the building.

Floating facades were primarily used for large buildings, but today it is possible to see them in buildings dedicated to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and even educational establishments.

 Curved floating facades

Modern floating facades

Another name with which floating facades are known is curtain wall , which is suspended outside the building. In contrast, if we talk about panel façade we should know that it is attached to the main structure, relying on it.

Modern floating facades

Floating facades have the main advantage of streamlining the construction process, being light materials help reduce the total weight of the construction. Its prefabricated design facilitates transportation, installation in case of need of replacement.

Floating facades

Mainly floating facades are made of glass and aluminum, two materials perfectly resistant to the elements.

In addition, floating facades give a modern and sophisticated style to any façade on which they are placed correctly.

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